Tips to Save Money When Moving

Everyone has had that dreaded feeling when they are about to move to their new apartment or home.  Packing can be a disaster, finding the time in your busy schedule can be difficult, and cost of moving your possession from one place to another can put a strain on your budget.  The following are some tips and tricks to make the process of moving not only easy for your peace of mind but also for your bank account. First, one of the best things that you could do is to be organized and keep a positive attitude during the entire process.

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How to Afford Living by Yourself

At some point, we’ve probably all had roommates—whether they’re platonic or romantic. You’ve probably also daydreamed how awesome it would be if you were able to live alone and have your own place. However, you wake up from this daydream when you check your bank account and the cost of renting an apartment all by yourself.  With so many people living paycheck-to-paycheck, footing the rent all alone, and all the bills to go with it appears to be overwhelming.  There are ways to save money and be able to achieve your goal of being financially fit enough to live by yourself.

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Quick and Easy Ways to Save

Create A Budget

Having a budget and sticking to it can improve anyone’s financial picture. Yes, it takes discipline but in today’s tech-friendly world it can all be done from your fingertips. Apps and websites like and Level Money can directly connect to your Checking Account, Savings Account, and credit cards so you can begin tracking your expenses instantly. Knowing where you’re spending your money is the first step. From there you can adapt a strategy such as the common 50-30-20 budget.

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Cheapest Cities in Europe

Looking for a cool trip, but don’t want to spend too much? These cities make it easy to stick to your budget without missing out. 1. Budapest, Hungary Currency: Hungarian Forint (1 Forint = $0.0035 USD) Main Attractions: Budapest is known for being a “spa city,” so be sure to take advantage of the natural thermal baths. There are several noteworthy spa locations, so you can decide which one to choose based on proximity and hours. In addition, Heroes’ Square is a beautiful (and free!) landmark centrally located in the city. 2.

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Couponing 101

Breaking News: Being an underemployed, loafer-sporting middle aged woman is no longer a prerequisite for using coupons.
We’ve all watched our mothers trifle through their “pocketbooks” at the checkout counter searching for that coupon they cut out of a magazine at home. No offense to your mom, but we promise there’s a better way. We found and compared four of the best online couponing sites for you, so here’s everything you need to know about the trendy way to use coupons:

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